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Being an Amazon Web Services (AWS ) Consulting Partner,  we involved in helping you get the most out of the Cloud and modernize, manage your applications.

Cloud Expert Ltd and Amazon Web Services (AWS) truly have a great partnership in focusing on the cloud computing structure. Being an AWS Solution Provider and Premier Consulting Partner, Cloud Expert is involved in helping you get the most out of the Cloud. Amazon provides agility, size, cost savings, and efficiency. We help you modernize and manage your applications and infrastructure to expand your company and attract customers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an emerging, robust cloud computing platform offered by Amazon that provides a range of infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and bundled software as a service offering.

Amazon Web Services Products

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of global cloud-based products, such as network, compute, databases, storage, analytics, management tools, developer tools, IoT, etc. These products help businesses move faster.

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Container
  • Serverless
  • Analytics
  • DevOps
  • Management


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a web service that offers a cloud computing ability that is resizable.

Amazon EC2

Virtual servers in the cloud

EC2 Auto Scaling

Scale compute capacity to meet demand

Elastic Beanstalk

Run and manage web apps

Amazon Lightsail

Launch and manage virtual private servers

AWS Lambda

Run code without thinking about servers

AWS Batch

Run batch jobs at any scale

AWS Outposts

Run AWS infrastructure on-premises

VMware Cloud on AWS

Build a hybrid cloud without custom hardware


AWS offers the most extensive and deep networking services globally with the highest reliability, security, and efficiency.

Amazon VPC

Isolated cloud resources

Amazon Route 53

Scalable domain name system

Amazon CloudFront

Global content delivery network

Amazon API Gateway

Build, deploy & manage APIs

Elastic Load Balancing​

Distribute traffic across multiple targets

AWS Direct Connect​

Dedicated network connection to AWS


Amazon Simple Storage Service is an object storage service with a simple web service interface.

Amazon S3

Scalable storage in the cloud

Amazon EBS

EC2 block storage volumes

Amazon EFS

Managed file system for EC2

Amazon S3 Glacier

Archive storage in the cloud

AWS Storage Gateway

Hybrid storage integration

AWS Backup

Centralized backup across AWS


Highly automated disaster recovery


Amazon Database services that make it easy to set up, run, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-effective and flexible database management functions.

Amazon RDS​

Managed relational database service

Amazon Aurora

High performance relational database

Amazon DynamoDB​

Managed NoSQL database

Amazon ElastiCache​

In-memory caching system

Amazon Redshift

Fast and cost effective data warehousing

AWS Database Migration​

Migrate with minimal downtime


AWS Security lets you understand and track your security measures through AWS accounts. We have a range of powerful security tools at our disposal, including firewalls and endpoint security, vulnerability detection, and compliance scans.


Manage access to service and resources

Amazon Cognito​

Identity management for apps

AWS Certificate Manager​

Manage and deploy TLS certificates


Key storage for regulatory compliance

AWS Firewall Manager

Central management of firewall rules

AWS Network Firewall​

Network security to protect VPCs

AWS Secrets Manager

Manage and retrieve secrets


Filter malicious web traffic


The famous cloud storage service AWS is the number one place for running containers, and according to the statistics, over 80% of the containers run on AWS.

Amazon ECS

Reliable and scalable way to run container

Amazon EKS

Trusted way to run Kubernetes


Manage and deploy container images

AWS Fargate​

Serverless compute for containers


The famous cloud storage service AWS is the number one place for running containers, and according to the statistics, over 80% of the containers run on AWS.

Amazon Lambda

Run code without servers

Amazon AppSync

Power apps from many sources

Amazon SNS

SMS and email notifications

AWS Fargate

Serverless compute for containers


AWS provides the largest and most profound portfolio of personalized analytical services optimized for individual analytical cases.

Amazon Kinesis

Analyze real-time data streams

Amazon Redshift

Fast and cost-effective data warehousing

Amazon Glue

Prepare and load data

Amazon Elasticsearch

Run and scale Elasticsearch clusters

Amazon Athena

Query data in S3 using SQL

Amazon QuickSight

Fast business analytics service


AWS offers a range of scalable services that allow businesses to develop and deliver products more quickly and trustworthily through AWS and DevOps.

AWS Cloud9

Write and debug code on a cloud IDE

AWS CodePipeline​

Release software using continuous delivery

AWS CodeCommit​

Store code in private Git repositories

AWS CodeArtifact

Cost effective artifact management

AWS CodeBuild

Build and test code

AWS CodeDeploy​

Automate code deployment

AWS CodeStar​

Develop and deploy AWS applications

AWS X-Ray​

Analyze and debug applications


With AWS Management and Governance services, consumers do not have to choose between creativity and control—they can have both.

Amazon CloudWatch​

Monitor resources and applications

AWS CloudTrail​

Track user activity and API usage

AWS Config​

Track resources inventory and changes

AWS CloudFormation​

Create and manage resources with templates

AWS OpsWorks​

Automated operations with Chef and Puppet

AWS Systems Manager​

Gain operational insight and take action

AWS Trusted Advisor​

Optimize performance and security

AWS Well-Architected Tool​

Review and improve workloads

Our AWS Services Offerings

These AWS service offerings cover several different features and services. The Services offer global specialty practices to assist you in your efforts in a specific business, designed to make web-scale computing easy for developers.

AWS Infrastructure

Cloud Expert provides these AWS services, the biggest and most dynamic ecosystem.

AWS Applications

Cloud Experts manage cloud apps built to be browser-agnostic, future-proof, and highly scalable in AWS Platform. 

AWS Operations

Cloud Experts Ltd provides these Amazon Web Services (AWS) operations service to let your business flourish even more.

AWS DevSecOps

We assess existing DevOps procedures and automate the continuous integration pipeline.

AWS Consulting

You get benefit from this consulting service and make your experience a great one with AWS.

AWS Migration

It can enable you to move thousands of workloads to AWS more rapidly and easily.

Transform Infrastructure Workload to AWS

Are you ready for a full business revolution? Migrate to AWS Cloud for competitive advantage, market value, and technology modernization. There are many opportunities to develop, thrive, and advance your company, whether you are looking to move to the cloud, With the AWS Cloud, it is time to move forward.

AWS Solutions

Innovative solutions specialize in cloud application development, cloud migrations, etc., with a focus on customer experience. Also, solutions for companies that want to optimize their cloud environment!

Cloud Migration

Easily switch applications and data to AWS

Cloud DevOps

Create and deliver products rapidly and reliably

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Durable, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions

AWS Competencies

By achieving an AWS Competency, programmers can differentiate themselves by presenting their expertise in a specific solution area. AWS programmers are validated, evaluated, and verified to a high bar to earn the AWS Competency designation. Check out some of the AWS competencies below.  

SAP Competency

Migration Competency

DevOps Competency

Non-Profit Competency

Solution Provider

Amazon EC2

Benefits of Amazon Web Services

With AWS, you can choose the programming language, operating system, web application platform, database, and other services you need. You also get a virtual environment where you can load the services your application needs.


In contrast with the other on-site providers, AWS provides economical, extremely affordable rates.


Amazon provides an overall reliable infrastructure that is flexible depending on use.


AWS has built an incredibly stable secure system, both physically and virtually.

High Availability

High availability continue to respond even though some of their components fail.

Unlimited Storage Capacity

You can also increase your storage capacity with a minimal monthly fee whenever you need it.

Easy Management

Managed Cloud services are readily accessible and can help make running the company much easier.

AWS Certifications

Cloud Experts Ltd is the leading IT & Cloud Service Provider helps businesses to modernize technology and automation.

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