Cloud Disaster Recovery

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What is Cloud Disaster Recovery

Unlike traditional DR, cloud disaster recovery uses cloud-based technology to automate failover to the cloud, rapidly restore IT infrastructure, and prevent costly service outages. This approach reduces or eliminates capital expenses in secondary site data center real estate and hardware and associated operating expenses. With cloud-based DR, companies pay only for the resources they are using – meaning you don’t pay for the compute resources needed for failover until you need it.

In the past, organizations with the goal of increasing their resiliency against disasters would bear the significant up-front cost of building a remote disaster recovery (DR) site. Today, cloud-based disaster recovery provides a high-performance alternative that is flexible and cost-effective – and businesses everywhere are taking notice.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Platforms

Cloud Experts Ltd is the leading Managed Cloud Service, Solution and Consulting Provider helps businesses to modernize technology and automation through architecting Enterprise IT and Cloud Services, simplify and optimize cloud journey and leverage cloud technology to solve the business challenges. 

AWS Disaster Recovery

AWS facilitates organizations in operating disaster recovery strategies that ensure rapid recovery of IT infrastructure and data

Azure Disaster Recovery

Azure DR solution provides data backup, protects major IT systems, minimizes downtime and decreases disaster recovery costs.

GCP Disaster Recovery

GCP provides affordable and efficient enterprise-grade disaster recovery for physical, virtual and cloud-based systems and applications.

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