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DigitalOcean Droplets are simple, fast, and flexible virtual machines. DigitalOcean provides software developers with powerful Linux servers at market leading prices, emphasizing simplicity and user experience. It comes packaged with compute-heavy resources, bandwidth, and memory, with the option to add resources on-demand as needed. You want to look at a few products, service offerings, and solutions from DigitalOcean below.


DigitalOcean Products

It consists of several components with a modular architecture and different code names. Take a quick look at the following OpenStack components.

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Developer Tools
  • Management


With Compute, you can create the infrastructure you want or develop applications.



On-demand Linux virtual machines



Easy-to-use managed Kubernetes service


App Platform

Build, deploy apps with managed App solutions.


You can control and secure the traffic to your applications with your private network.


Cloud Firewalls

Protect applications from unwanted traffic

Load Balancers

Scale applications easily with a highly available


Virtual Private Cloud

Improve security with own private network



Content delivery network that is close to end users


It means that you can reliably store any amount of data in the cloud and access it quickly.


Object Storage

Store and scale vast amounts of data


Block Storage

Storage to your compute servers

Local SSD

Perform data operations quickly


It gives your application the performance it needs without running your database server.


Managed PostgreSQL

Worry-free PostgreSQL hosting

Managed MySQL

Worry-free MySQL hosting


Managed Redis

Worry-free Redis hosting

Developer tools

It integrates with the developer ecosystem and manages resources programmatically.



Manage infrastructure with our RESTful API

Terraform Provider

Treat your infrastructure like code

GitHub Actions

Automate infrastructure to activity on Github.


Container Registry

Store, manage, and protect private container images

Management Tools

Management tools manage and monitor both your team and your software.



Build and release with scalable compute products



Organize your resources into groups



Collaborate with others to manage infrastructure

DigitalOcean Service Offerings

DigitalOcean offers services that make it easy for your engineering team to configure and operate your service.

Virtual Private Servers

One of the most famous VPS services offers a global network of data centers and CDN locations.

Cloud Hosting

With an intuitive dashboard, you can quickly get started in the cloud and scale as you grow.

Cloud Firewall

Users can whitelist which IP ranges, tags, and ports are open.

Cloud Backup

A snapshot-based backup system that creates an image at a specific time based on the current state of a drop.

App Platform

It allows you to publish code directly to servers without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

High-speed Cloud Storage

Provides developers with highly available SSD-based cloud and scalable storage.

DigitalOcean Cloud Solutions

Simple solutions to complex problems, simple hosting of your company website while maintaining control of the underlying infrastructure.

DigitalOcean Competencies

The demand for developers with experience creating and deploying containerized applications and services continues to expand. It is essential to understand these competencies.

Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting Management

DigitalOcean Droplets

Streaming Big Data Workloads

SaaS Development

Cloud Integration

Benefits of DigitalOcean Cloud

DigitalOcean gives industry giants a run for their money. DigitalOcean may be much younger than they, and below are why customers love them. There are many cloud companies with some of the most famous names, but DigitalOcean has everything you need!

Affordable Pricing

Low prices have surprised internet tech gurus who can get more for less.

Incredibly Fast and Efficient Service

DigitalOcean is a speedy and efficient solution and high-speed service.

Global Availability

Global availability means that you can deploy them in any region in which the company operates worldwide.

Features and Performance

Its simplicity comes at the performance, and the only IaaS that comes close is Google Compute Engine.

Security and Customer Service

Safety and customer service come first, also offering you day and night support 365 days a year.

Simple to use

It's an easy-to-use service that makes your work easier.

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