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IBM Cloud offers more than IaaS as part of its broad portfolio of services within IBM Cloud, the final cost of which can be determined by contacting the company. These services include a combination of typical public cloud services with internal and IBM-branded services. For example, if you want to set up a bare-metal server like a traditional hosting company, you can do it on the IBM Cloud. IBM is redefining what the cloud means to offer many products and solutions.

IBM Cloud Computing

IBM Cloud Products

IBM Cloud has worked very well for companies. The products have helped streamline processes and facilitate the exchange and receipt of data, including files and applications, on all platforms.

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Containers
  • Analytics
  • Management


IBM Compute has resources for every workload, from bare metal servers to serverless computing.

Virtual Servers

Public and private virtual servers

IBM Functions

Functions-as-a-service programming platform

Cloud Foundry

Deploy apps without configuring servers

VMware on IBM Cloud

Move VMware workloads from on premises


Manage affordable, high-performance public, private, and administrative networks.

Virtual Private Cloud

Define logically isolated virtual network

Content Delivery Network

Avoid network traffic jams and decrease latency

Domain Name Services

Domain registration and administration

Network Appliances

Manage virtual networks with routers, firewalls

Load Balancer

Load balance traffic among servers

Direct Link

Data transfer between private infrastructure and the IBM Cloud.


An unstructured data storage service designed for durability, resilience, and security.

Object Storage

An unstructured data storage service

Block Storage

Flash-backed, local disk performance with SAN

Cloud Backup

Enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution

Mass Data Migration

Securely move terabytes or petabytes of data


Database module that optimizes the built-in functions of PostgreSQL and offers support for Oracle databases.

IBM Cloudant

A NoSQL JSON document store optimized for heavy workloads


A fully managed SQL cloud database for robust performance

Cloud Databases

Offers compatibility with Oracle & PostgreSQL databases

IBM Informix

Integrates time series, spatial, NoSQL and SQL data

Db2 Warehouse

Get a fully managed, cloud data warehouse service

Hyper Protect DBaaS

Connectivity between IBM Cloud and Enterprise DB Server


Integrate security into services, applications, and infrastructure with authentication, network security, and monitoring tools.

Network Security

Protect servers and end users from malicious activity by using firewalls

Security Center

Centrally security management of cloud resources

Security Advisor

Centralize security management and analysis

Secrets Manager

Create secrets dynamically and lease them to applications

Cloud Data Shield

Enable runtime memory encryption for Kubernetes containers

Key Protect

Manage the lifecycle of encryption keys used by IBM Cloud services


Deploy modern, cloud-native applications quickly and consistently across cloud environments.

Kubernetes Service

Orchestrate intelligent scheduling, self-healing and horizontal scaling.

Redhat OpenShift

Build and deploy container-based applications

Container Registry

Store and distribute Docker images in a managed registry


Find data warehouses, data science tools, and platforms to run analytics jobs on large amounts of data.

Analytics Engine

Combine Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop services

Db2 Warehouse

Get a fully managed, cloud data warehouse

Streaming Analytics

Analyze a broad range of streaming text, video, audio

IBM InfoSphere

Create, maintain, transform and deliver quality data

Data Management

Gain a trusted view of master data


Improve the management of applications, infrastructures, processes, and entire cloud environments.

IT Ops Management

Streamline and modernize your IT operations management

Automation Manager

Deploy, automate and manage multicloud environments.

App Management

Application performance management for visibility


Run Istio on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

IBM Cloud Service Offerings

IBM Cloud gives organizations the infrastructure they need to build new applications from scratch, modernize existing applications, or both. IBM Cloud supports businesses in all phases of the cloud.

Cloud Modernization

Use best practices to accelerate your pace and accelerate cloud adoption to accelerate innovation and business value.

Big Data & Analytics

Cloud Predictive Analytics service, which enables you to provide forecasting models as analytics solutions quickly.

Cloud Management

You can always add servers and bandwidth. You can use it to scale on the go. It is flexible and responsive.

IT Transformation

This seamlessly combines business strategy, and technology to transform the business and achieve lasting growth.

Digital Operations

A central system allows you to manage everything in the warehouse to your customer relationships.

Infrastructure Services

This saves customers the cost, complexity, and risk of managing their digital infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Solutions

IBM believes that great companies are built on great partnerships and alliances. Innovative business solutions support the most influential vendors in the industry today.

IBM Cloud Competencies

The competencies must demonstrate your technical skills and your client’s success, that is, offer high-quality solutions or services.

Management and Security

Artificial Intelligence

Compute, Network and Storage


Internet of Things

Integration and Migration

IBM Cloud

Benefits of IBM Cloud Solution

When considering adopting cloud technologies and practices, you get many different benefits that you may not believe.

Reduce the time spent

You can implement the server in the cloud, and in a few hours, you will have the application ready to use.

Lower costs

On-demand virtual servers, backup services, and file/block storage prices have been reduced by 17%.

Scalability and integration

Scalable business applications and offers a variety of stack options to develop them.

New releases (updates)

IBM support and subscription give you the benefit of downloading new versions of your licensed software.

Easy to use

Provides an easy way to save all the data you need and can expand it according to your needs.

Increase business value

It improves collaboration between teams and helps them perform better and more efficiently.

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