Internet of Things

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Internet of Things Overview

The Internet of Things—a vast network of sensors and smart devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud services—promises to augment (and disrupt) many industry sectors. CloudExperts works with customers to understand and unlock the value of IoT, and we also help IoT and Analytics vendors focus their resources and determine which battlegrounds they can most effectively compete on. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of IoT, from sensors, connectivity and lifecycle management to IoT platform analytics, security, applications and services. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are connecting digital and physical worlds in innovative ways—with breakthrough business results.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Smart applications harness the actionable insights necessary to gain the most value out of an implementation and even customize them based on the needs of a specific industry. Whether it be reduced energy consumption in a smart building or predictive maintenance notifications to reduce machine downtime on the factory floor, the analysis of data offers users clear alerts and recommendations to turn insights into actions.

Smart Factory

Smart Factory solution helps you keep track of production on your factory floor and measure production performance.

Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare technologies are advancing, there’s an increased engagement consumers when it comes to their health.

Smart Office

Meetings are an integral part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time wasted in arranging them.

Smart Building

Smart Building solution can help you make your building more energy efficient and also deliver better service to your tenants and buyers.

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