Kubernetes Platform

Cloud Experts offers a variety of services related to Kubernetes. By becoming a robust and scalable way to operate delivery systems on a broad scale, Kubernetes became the leading container orchestration system.

Kubernetes overview

Kubernetes, also known as k8s or “Kube,” is an open-source orchestration framework for container orchestration that automatically implements, manages, and scales containerized applications in several manual processes. In other words, groups of hosts running Linux containers can be clustered, and Kubernetes can help you handle these clusters quickly and efficiently.


Kubernetes Features

If you want to make sure your application runs very reliably, Kubernetes products can help. For example, you can deploy and manage containers on a large scale. Take a look at the products below;

Automated Rollbacks

Kubernetes progressively rolls out changes to application or its configuration, while monitoring application health. 

Configuration Management

Deploy and update  application configuration without rebuilding image and without exposing secrets.

Batch Execution

Kubernetes can manage your batch and CI workloads, replacing containers that fail, if desired.

Service Discovery

No need to modify your application to use an unfamiliar service discovery mechanism. 

Automatic bin packing

Automatically places containers based on their resource requirements and while not sacrificing availability.


Restarts containers that fail, replaces and reschedules containers when nodes die, kills containers.

Benefits of Kubernetes

Kubernetes automates the scaling, deployment, and management of container applications across a group of servers! In addition to these benefits, you can use Kubernetes to manage storage, networks, protocols, and more automatically.

Easy Scaling of Containers

Many containers in a cluster can be scaled over many servers.

Self Healing

The quality of the container is controlled and automatically set.

Enhanced Availability

The high-fault tolerance clustering of Kubernetes guarantees consistency and reliability.

Portability for Applications

The program can be moved between various kinds of environments consistently.

Horizontal Auto Scaling

Depending on the server load and traffic, up-and-downscaling is done automatically.

Enhanced Security

The protection of Kubernetes is improved by the integrated data encryption, and other capacities.

Stable Releases

A wide variety of release channels allows for frequent and fast releases.

Strong Versatility

There is a large community of developers that produce different extensions to improve off-shelf capacities.

Why You Choose Kubernetes?

You want to choose Kubernetes because it helps developers and employees quickly solve the problems they face every day. With Kubernetes, you can build cloud-native applications that, among other things, can run anywhere, regardless of your specific cloud requirements.

Kubernetes lets you monitor the allocation of resources and traffic management for cloud applications and microservices.

Kubernetes helps to simplify the various aspects of service-oriented infrastructure.

Kubernetes can run Bare Metal, OpenStack, Google, Azure, AWS, and so on.

It lets you prevent vendor lock problems because, even where Kubernetes offers an abstraction, e.g., load balancer and storage, it can use any vendor-specific APIs or services.

Containerization using Kubernetes enables these purposes to be fulfilled by package apps. It will make applications without any downtime that need to be published and modified.

Kubernetes allows you to make sure that these containerized systems are running where and when you want and lets you find the tools and resources you want to work with.

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