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Our Microsoft Azure experts helping you to accelerate IT cloud adoption and technology solutions helps to expand your operations and enhance efficiencies, all while running best-in-class applications.

Microsoft Azure offers a global scope, with a local presence our customers need. To meet the increasing demands of IT management, organizations need a storage and deployment solution with scalability, versatility, fast performance, and high availability. Microsoft Azure is a computing solution for cloud applications and services designed to develop, test, deploy and manage stable, trusted Microsoft data centers.


Microsoft Azure Products

Products to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services across Microsoft-managed data centers. You can compute many things, including data, when you buy these products. We offer the following Microsoft products.

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Container
  • Hybrid + Multicloud
  • Analytics
  • DevOps
  • Management


Cloud access measures the power and scale on-demand – paying for the services you use.

Virtual Machine

Provision virtual machines in seconds

VM Scale Set

Manage and scale up to thousands of VMs

App Service

Quickly create cloud apps for web and mobile

Azure Functions

Process events with serverless code

Azure Batch

Cloud-scale job scheduling

VMware Solution

Run your VMware workloads on Azure

Azure Kubernetes

Simplify the management of Kubernetes


Link your Cloud and onsite infrastructure and resources to provide your clients and users the best experience possible.

Virtual Network

Provision private networks

Azure DNS

Host your DNS domain in Azure

Application Gateway

Build secure, scalable web front ends in Azure

VPN Gateway

Establish secure, cross-premises connectivity

Load Balancer

Deliver high availability to your applications

Azure CDN

Ensure reliable content delivery with global reach

Azure Bastion

Private RDP and SSH access to your VMs


Allow your teams to build infinitely scalable, highly accessible applications and data storage.

Blob Storage

Object storage for unstructured data

Disk Storage

High-performance block storage for Azure VMs

Data Lake Storage

Scalable data lake functionality

Azure Files

File shares that use the standard SMB 3.0 protocol


Lower costs with a hybrid cloud storage solution

Azure Backup

Simplify data protection against ransomware


Support rapid growth and faster innovation by providing stable, business, and fully managed database services.

Azure Database

Fully managed, scalable MySQL Database

SQL Database

Managed, intelligent SQL in the cloud

SQL Server

Host enterprise SQL Server apps in the cloud

Cosmos DB

NoSQL database with open APIs for any scale

Table Storage

NoSQL key-value store using semi-structured

Redis Cache

Accelerate applications with low-latency caching


Secure the business from hybrid cloud workload advanced threats

Azure AD

Enable single sign-on

Security Center

Security management & enable protection

Azure WAF

Provides powerful protection for web apps

Azure Sentinel

Cloud-native SIEM and security analytics

Azure Protection

Protect information—anytime, anywhere

Azure Key Vault

Safeguard and control of keys and other secrets


Quickly build and run server-side applications by using integrated software.

Azure Kubernetes

Simplify the management of Kubernetes

Container Registry

Store container images of Azure deployments

Container Instances

Run containers on Azure without servers

Azure Functions

Process events with serverless code

Hybrid + Multi-cloud

Offer on-premises workloads access to the agility and creativity of cloud computing.

Azure Stack

Run hybrid applications across cloud

Azure ExpressRoute

Dedicated private network connections to Azure

Azure AD

Enable single sign-on

Azure Arc

Extend Azure services anywhere


Handle, store, process, evaluate, and visualize all data types from any person, company, or business.

Analysis Services

Enterprise-grade analytics engine

DataLake Analytics

Distributed analytics makes big data easy

Azure Databricks

Apache Spark-based analytics platform

Data Factory

Hybrid data integration at enterprise scale


Hadoop, Spark, HBase and Storm clusters

Power BI

Interactive data visualizations


Delivering innovation faster with quick, effective tools for continuous delivery.

Azure Boards

Plan, track work across your teams

Azure Repos

cloud Git repos for your project

Azure Pipelines

Build, test, and deploy to any platform

Azure Artifacts

Create, host, and share packages

Azure Test Plans

Test and ship exploratory testing


Simplify, automate, and optimize the management and compliance of your cloud resources

Azure Automation

Simplify management with automation

Cloud Shell

administration with a browser-based shell

ARM Templates

Deliver IaaC for Azure resources

Log Analytics

Collect, visualize data from on-premises and cloud

Azure Monitor

Observe the applications and infrastructure

Azure Migrate

Assess and migrate on-premises VMs to Azure

Azure Site Recovery

Run business in cloud disaster recovery

Our Azure Service Offerings

With Azure Services offerings, you can bring new solutions to life, solve today’s challenges, and shape the future. You can manage applications across multiple clouds, locally and at the edge, with your choice of frameworks.

Azure Infrastructure

Cloud Expert provides Azure cloud services, the biggest and most dynamic ecosystem.

Azure Applications

Our team develops cloud apps built to be browser-agnostic, future-proof, and highly scalable. 

Azure Operations

We provide Azure operations service to let your business flourish even more.

Azure DevOps

We assess existing DevOps procedures and automate the continuous integration pipeline.

Azure Consulting

You get benefit from this consulting service and make your experience a great one with Azure.

Azure Migration

It can enable you to move thousands of workloads to Azure more rapidly and easily.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Azure solutions solve business problems with proven combinations of Azure products and services, solutions such as Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, etc. You can use solutions such as Virtual Computing and the like.

Transform Infrastructure Workload to Azure

The cloud service of Microsoft is so wide that it is described as “hypercloud.” It’s officially called Microsoft Azure and provides so much more than just hosting. When you function inside Azure, you’ll have access to all the familiar Microsoft features and resources. There is also a complete solution to help navigate all the available APIs on Azure. So, transfer your infrastructure workload to Azure and make your business pipeline more effective.

Azure Competencies

There are many things you can do with Microsoft Azure as your core cloud platform. That’s why companies of all sizes are training their tech teams to take advantage of all it has to offer. The BELOW are some key competencies to consider.

Performance Driven Competencies


Cloud Platform & Infrastructure


Customer Relationship

Small Cloud Solutions


Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is the only major cloud platform recognized by Gartner as an industry leader for Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Here are some benefits of Microsoft Azure.

Ability to Scale on Demand

You don't have to run your app on one server, and you don't run out of server space.

Cost Competitive

Microsoft's broad customer base helps them to pass volume discounts to their customers.

Hybrid Capability

Azure helps to create hybrid applications.

Big Data Insights

It helps you to imagine your data in new ways and offers help with uncovering market insights.

Simple and Reliable Data Storage

The import/export function can be used to transfer data as desired quickly.

Keeping your Data Secure

It is simple to manage by importing and exporting data only as required.

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Cloud Experts allow you to develop software in the Cloud, allowing businesses to bring their applications to market rapidly. Hardware failures don’t have any effect on data because of backups. Cloud Computing uses remote tools, which saves companies money through fewer hardware purchases. Our cloud technologies allow companies to reduce IT resource requirements and increase efficiency and lower costs and reduce time-to-market. We help customers in delivering Computer Resources, Tools, and Applications.

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