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Oracle Cloud Service

Oracle Cloud provides real-time elasticity for business applications by combining Oracle’s autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless computing. Oracle Cloud, a distributed cloud computing service that offers high-end customers a platform, software, infrastructure, and data solution as a service! The Oracle Cloud provides users with effective products like servers, storage, network services, etc.

Oracle Cloud Products

Oracle products encourage consumers to create and operate these applications and administrations in an Oracle compliant condition.

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Security
  • DevOps
  • Analytics
  • Management


It offers clients services designed for different business services.

Virtual Machines

Secure, elastic, compute capacity in the cloud

Bare Metal Servers

Isolation, visibility, and control of dedicated server

Oracle Functions

Functions as a service run serverless applications

VMware on Oracle Cloud

Managed & native VMware-based cloud environment

Kubernetes Service

Managed Kubernetes service for running clusters

Container Registry

Container registry for storing container images


Provides customizable virtual cloud networks, IP addresses, firewalls, and controls to keep systems private.

Virtual Cloud Networks

Traffic shaping for your applications no matter where they run

Oracle Cloud DNS

Customers isolation, visibility, and control of dedicated server

Load Balancing

Distribute requests across a fleet of servers


Connect directly to Oracle Cloud virtual cloud network


Offers object storage, file storage, and block volume to suit application requirements.

Object Storage

Store any type of data in its native format

Block Storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes

Storage Gateway

Extend on-premises storage to Oracle Cloud

File Storage

Fully managed NFS that scales automatically


This allows users to encounter the Real Application Cluster, which is of unshakeable quality.

MySQL Database

Rapidly deploy modern, cloud native applications on database

NoSQL Database

On-demand throughput and storage-based provisioning

Oracle Database

Scalability database for both on premises and in the cloud.

Exadata Cloud

Best on-premises Oracle Database in the Cloud


A customer can get better security protection and control cloud access and resources through a public API.

Oracle Cloud IAM

Secure user access to data and applications

Infrastructure Security

Protect workloads across compute, network, and storage

Application Security

Securing critical applications against fraud and misuse

Database Security

Safeguard your most valuable asset—data


Automate software delivery, infrastructure management, and messaging with simple DevOps services that can be up to 40% cheaper. Use open source frameworks, such as Terraform and Grafana, and integrate deeply with other services.

Visual Builder Studio

Platform for agile development and CI/CD

Resource Manager

Terraform-based cloud infrastructure automation


Observability for DevOps, IT Ops, and site reliability


Single pane of glass for all logs

Log Analytics

Collect, analyze logs from on premises and Cloud

Application Monitoring

Visibility across all cloud environment


It generates analytics and insights from data integration to dissemination.

Analytics Cloud

Discover insights from anywhere

Analytics Server

Deploy machine learning-powered insight

Fusion Analytics

Packaged analytics for Oracle Fusion applications

Oracle Essbase

Quickly test and model business scenarios


The process of maintaining administrative oversight and control over cloud computing products and services.

Enterprise Manager

Management solution for Database and Systems

Operations Insights

Quickly analyzing performance patterns


Observability for DevOps, IT Ops, and site reliability

Application Monitoring

Visibility across the entire IT environment

Oracle Cloud Service Offerings

OCI offers a wide range of service offerings to help you build and enhance your applications and workloads. These include

Infrastructure Management

We provides these Oracle Cloud services, the biggest and most dynamic ecosystem.

Data Management

Includes transaction processing, data storage; the data center for all your management needs.

Application Management

We develops cloud apps built to be browser-agnostic, future-proof, and highly scalable. 

Cloud Consulting

You get benefit from consulting service and experience a great one with Google Cloud.

IT Business Analysis

Service administrations include business intelligence, cloud analytics, data visualization, etc.

Cloud Migration​

Migrate for Compute Engine can enable you to move thousands of workloads to Google Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud provides Solutions through a global network of data centers managed by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Cloud Competencies

When Oracle dominates the cloud, IT professionals can help their companies lay the foundation for successful cloud deployments.

Database and Big Data

Application Security

Enterprise Cloud Migration


Integration Architecture

Cloud application development

Benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

You are probably not familiar with the many benefits of migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. These are some of the benefits so you can avail of these services and solutions for your business.

Operational Excellence

Businesses quickly transformed through automated and optimized processes.

Reliability and Resilience

Protect and secure information systems and resources in the cloud

Security, Compliance, and Governance

Provide a wide range of accreditations and functions to protect the information, services, and data.

Performance and Cost Optimization

You can choose the specific number of cores and memory you need without fitting into predefined shapes (cost).

Ready for the future

Empower businesses by moving legacy workloads to one of the world's most modern platforms.

Greater Scalability

Provide as much computing power and memory as you need.

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